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Joemurray39:15 01-08-2014 12:57 PM

Sub 20, training 3 times a week
Hi Ed it's been a longtime. Nearly 18 months in fact. I am now living in Abu Dhabi and have decided to get back into running. In a former life I was playing semi pro football for about 18 years. After the arrival of little people I took a step back but decided to start running to keep myself going. For a few years between the ages of 12 and 15 I had been doing athletics and cross country representing the county but falling a long way short at national level after that it was just running for football fitness. Anyway I took up the 10k programs around about May 2012 and stuck with it until about feb 13, around the time I moved to AD. I managed a pb of 37:58 in nov 12. In AD I decided that I missed football to much and started playing socially and doing a couple of bootcamps a week. Anyway invariably when you do something new, all beit something you spent your whole life doing its advisable to ease in slowly, which I didn't. This led to tendinitis in my left Achilles, which I tried to run off. Anyway long story short my running and nearly everything else went on hold for the rest of 2013. I started swimming and entered a few triathlon team events. My only running this year has been a 10k in April after a mile swim then an hour an a half break (the cycle leg), I was part of a team but the runner backed out. I ran 44:13 after having done no running in 9 months. Then in May I ran an aquathon of 750m swim and 5k run. The run was done in 21:53. My current running has been 1 or 2 times a week. I am aiming to do my first triathlon this year in October. That is my first goal and I would like to get my 5k under 20 minutes. I did a 1600m tt yesterday on the treadmill and got 5:50. I would like to run 3 times a week. I afraid that the intervals will have to be on a treadmill as it's just to hot at the moment. I also shift work so my schedule can change but I am thinking Wednesday/Friday/Sundays for the runs.

Joemurray39:15 03-08-2014 12:17 PM

It appears the account is registered to my old email address. Tried changing it on edit profile but keeps telling me I have a wrong password even though I don't since I wouldn't be able to log in.

TheEd 03-08-2014 06:23 PM

drop me a private message please Joe or else send an email to

info @ time-to-run . com

would you like to do a 4k time-trial or should we work off your 5k run from the triathlon or even the 1600m t-t

cheers TheEd
ps..welcome back

Joemurray39:15 04-08-2014 11:02 AM

Was planning on using 1600m tt as my base for training. Would look to start the first quality run on Wednesday as my wife is away and I am getting some quality time with my twin girls. The fast runs will be on a treadmill for now with the heat. I can probably manage the easy or long runs outside early morning or in the evening. My plan this week was to run wednesday/Friday/Sunday. Easy 20k bike ride Thursday. Then a long swim, about 2ks with easy bike before or after Saturday. The week after I plan to switch the runs to Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. The rest of the routine will be football on Monday and open water swim on Saturday. Beyond on that I will try to fit another swim and maybe two bike rides. I'm pretty weak on the bike so they will be mostly easy and just getting used to moving my legs in a circle, and finally a rest day Sunday. I have a 6k planned on the 5th of September which will be an indoor 2k loop.

Joemurray39:15 06-08-2014 06:04 AM

Hi ed,
was planning on doing an interval seesion on the treadmill this evening. Have peeked a look at a few other posts thought I would ease myself in with
3 times 1600m 180R 4:00km pace. Let me know if you think that is to easy/hard etc.

Joemurray39:15 07-08-2014 03:24 AM

Hi ed,
Session didn't quite go to plan. Short warm up then.
1600m 15kmph 4:00km pace, time 6:24. Recovery 180s
Didn't feel to bad until last 90 secs
Checked HR on machine
0s 144
1600m started at 15kmph pace for first 1000 then I was told I needed to get out the gym as it was ladys only for the rest of the day. So after remonstrating while running I pumped the speed up to 20kmph to finish the 1600m which was obviously very hard. to finish in 5:50.
Short jog home in 44 celsius heat to warmdown.
So didn't get to finish the session unfortunately.
Was planning short jog friday and longish 45 minutes on sunday unless you think I should try a quality session again?

Joemurray39:15 11-08-2014 08:40 AM

Swim session Thursday. Friday took a day off. Just could'nt be bothered. Saturday was a steady 2k swim and Sunday I did a slow 45 minute run on the treadmill at 6:00 pace, 10kmph. Felt comfortable, first time I've run more than half an hour in over 4 months. HR between 110-120. Football tonight then see how the legs are then plan the rest of the week.

TheEd 13-08-2014 10:35 AM

apologies for missing this Joe

how are things on your side

would you like to start on a 10k program structure however instead make day 3

3 x 2k Rest 2 to 3 minutes .. pace to start would be around 3.50 to 4 minutes per k

once you have that session behind you, then it would be a longer run over the weekend

on Tuesday 6 x 1k still applies

over to you

ps.. received your email

Joemurray39:15 14-08-2014 07:53 AM

Hi Ed, was beginning to think I was writing a blog. Just kidding. Did a steady 50 minute cycle on Tuesday. Thought I would give my legs an extra day. Got your message to late for Wednesday. I did 10 x 400m @ 3:50 pace, 90 rest. Did the last one at 3:00 pace. Felt ok, obviously not easy but the rest was more than enough. With that in mind will do a long run on Sunday, about 50 minutes. What should I do Friday?

TheEd 14-08-2014 08:52 AM

Put the run onto Saturday if possible

then Tuesday you can look to 5/6 x 1k Rest 60 seconds

for now look to run at 3.55 per k

provide feedback and then we can see how to develop further

look at the sub 40 minute 10k schedule to see the balance of the program and we change and add things to bring it towards 5k training

MrsDuck is currently doing 5k training while using the 10k programs

Day 3 .. 3 x 2k Rest 2 to 3 minutes .. pace close to 5k speed

weekend .. Long Run (MrsDuck did 2hrs last weekend)

Day 8 .. 6 x 1k Rest 60 seconds .. pace 3.45 to 3.50 per k

wednesday .. easy run .. 20 to 30 minutes

OOOPS Edit: Tues: 10 x 400m Rest 60 seconds pace 3.30 to 3.35

that is more or less what it is all about

this Saturday there is a paced run up to 10k for MrsDuck

the intention (or hope) is to have MrsDuck 5k speed down to 19:10 with 3 x 3 week cycles

hope this helps in understanding the balance of the structure

ps.. in case you wondering who MrsDuck is .. see: Intro to the athlete, MrsDuck

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