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Hi Ed,

Here it´s the update of the last two days.

Wed: week 2, day 2 (40 min with last 10min slightly faster)
I tried to keep 6min/km during the first 30min and then around 5:45min/km the last 10 min.
Distance covered: 6,9Km

Thu: week 2, day 3 (30-40min light jog/run)
Also tried to keep around 6min/km.
Distance covered: 6,8Km in 40 minutes

Today: OFF

For tomorrow, I have a 5K at a pace I expect to run 10K. So, I´ll try to keep 5:10min/km cause I´ve done it before starting this training and felt ok.

What do you think?



ps: Although it´s Carnival, I´ll do my best to keep the schedule!!!
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