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Hi Ed,

I was reviewing our chat here and at any moment I provided you with some personal data that might help you with our training. So:

Gender: Male
Age: 29
Weight: 77kg
Height: 1,81m

Some running history till feb, when I started this program:

Month - Total Km - Total Avr Pace Runs Longest Run
Sep: 35,82km 5:35 14 4 km
Oct: 46,78km 5:19 12 5 km
Nov: 60,73km 5:03 13 5km
Dec: 74,43km 5:13 14 6km
Jan: 134,42km 5:10 19 10km

So you can see, the first 4 months I ran almost the same number of days, but was increasing the distance. I was in vacation during January, so I had more time to run (both days and distance!).
But at any time I did any quality sessions. I would just get my sneakers and run according to what I felt at the time. For instance, the first 3 days of Feb I ran 11km, 10km and 9km (at 5:18min/k), so 30 Km in 3 consecutive days, almost the hole distance of Sep.
The reason I looked for guidence was that I was stuck at the 5:00min/km for 10km runs and also keep injuries away of my non-guided program. Fortunatly, nothing happen.

I'm glad you're assisting me and can't wait to see the results!

Nice weekend!


ps: It's really sunny this weekend!
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