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Hi Ed,

before answering you question, here's the results of yesterday's 5k run.

1. 5:01
2. 4:56
3. 5:04
4. 4:58
5. 4:50
Total: 24:49

I tried to run without pushing too much. So, the first 2km I started a bit faster than I wanted, so slowly reduced the pace during the folowing 2km. In the last one, since I was feeling nice, speed up a bit on the last 400m.
At the end, wasn't feeling to tired, like I could've gone faster (maybe to 24:30).

Now, the training so far has been a bit easy. Except for this 5k that came close to my current limit. But, I can comfortably run at 6:00min/k on the easy runs and it's been really good folowing a schedule.
Like you could see on the data provided, today I'm running less km per week than used to. I miss that but I know that's a reason not to run that much at this point, and also know that running more doesn't also mean running faster, wich is my goal.

After doing some research, I'm going to order my HR monitor. So, if you prefer to wait me start using it and give you proper data before changing the program, that's fine!

I was also considering participate on 10k runs. There's lot's of runs here every month, but was thinking of one on March 29th as a start.

So, what are your thoughts?

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