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I was a bit apprehensive yesterday morning when I got up because I wasn't sure how I would cope with running for so much longer that I have up to this point since returning to training. However, despite starting a little too quickly I managed to complete the following;

Dist (KM): 7.13
Dur (min): 40:00
Pace (m/km): 5:36

1 05:14
2 05:28
3 05:35
4 05:44
5 05:37
6 05:46
7 05:50

There were few unatnicipated gates along the way as this was a new route
The last few hundred metres home was virtually a crawl, lol.

I am pleased that I run the whole distance, the legs struggled a little, but I think that was down to having two days off prior!
I am not pleased with the eratic pace but I am sure that will come as I get more KMs in the legs.

Today the legs feel a lot better than I thought they would, recovery is getting quicker, especially immediately after the runs, so the signs of improvement are definately there.

Tomorrow I have the first speedwork excercise, I will set off on my usual starting route, but it is 1km downhill and 2km up hill so will be a real test to
to do the first two of three km @ 5mins per km but I will give it a go!
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