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I had a mini medical today.

Blood Pressure 170 - a little low but not dangerously so, as it has always been.
Resting heart rate - 50 BPM
Lung capacity test - 537, should be 580 on the hard blow test. 3.72, should be 4.21 on the long and slow blow test.
I have the lungs of a 49 year old, not good as I am 33 but this is exactly why I have tried to improve my health. I knew I was in bad shape and things needed to change, this has confirmed it.

Relative to other poeple who have similar smoking history to me things could have been a lot worse apparently, so that is a minor positive. Nothing stands out as a factor that would have a major affect my this kind of training regime so I guess I will crack on for the moment whilst I sort out a more detailed examination.

Had a good stretch tonight to ease the legs, probably do the same again tomorrow night before the run on Weds.
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