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So, lots of catching up to do here.

Last Saturday's 5km paced run went like this...

5:15/km - 143AvHr
5:20 - 147
5:28 - 152
5:39 - 154
5:24 . 152

I found myself mentally slowing in the middle. It seems strange, but I tend to slow down when I know I'm on my way towards the end of a run but once I got back into a quicker stride it was no problem. This, for sure, is a mental barrier I have to get over.

I missed Sunday's 10km as I got called in to work. Annoyed at that as I would like to see where I stand now over the 10km, but since you say not to try and make up the missed sessions that'll have to wait to the next time.

Tuesday's reps were as follows. I set myself a 10km pace of 5:20

5:02/km - 143AvHr
5:05 - 160
5:01 - 163

I seem to be starting quite fast as my first lap is always quick by what I set out to do and then I tire and the time rises. Maybe I need to deliberately start slower. The thing is that when I start at a reasonable pace it's a very comfortable stride.

Since Saturday is supposed to be Race day, what do you recommend I do until the start of the cycle again next Tuesday?
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