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Using the last week of the 50min programme to prepare for a 10K race on Sunday, before starting a full 3 week cycle next Wednesday in prep for a race on the 17th June

Progress this week

Monday - 10K easy - average 5:53, 10.04 km, total time 59:06

Tuesday - 30min easy - average 5:55, 5.10 km, total time 30:08

Wednesday - 3 x 5min (race pace), 1min easy - average 5:02, 3.58 km, total time 18:04

1: Av 4.34min per/km
2: Av 4.58min per/km
3: Av 5.04min per/km

Was aiming at 5.00 min per/km, struggled to slow myself down for the first 5 min interval, that wasn't a problem for the other 2!

Thurs & Friday are both 30min easy before resting on Saturday.

Looking forward to doing a full 3 week cycle, after the run today I can tell the 3 x 2K are going to be challenging! Can already see the benefits of going slower than I normally would on the easy runs and saving myself for the quality interval work.

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