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Morning TheEd,

update so far for the 1st week, after the 3 x 2K training this morning.

65 min easy - run time 1:05:04, 10.82 km, average 6:01/km

30 min easy - run time 30:03, 5.10 km, average 5:53/km

3 x 2K (target 4:55/km) w/ 2min rest

1. 2K - 9:35 (av.4:48/km)
2. 2K - 9:59 (av 4:59/km)
3. 2K - 9:46 (av 4:53/km)

Felt good, went off too quick for the 1st Km in the 1st interval, which is probbaly reflected in the slower time for the 2nd interval.

The 3rd interval felt tough, so I did my best to relax, keep good form and use my arms. Overall really pleased at my first attempt of the 3 x 2km.

for the rest of the week its

Fri - Rest
Sat - 90min
Sun - 30min
Mon - 30min

Enjoy your weekend,


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