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Yeah, it will interesting to see what the times are like tomorrow. I'm working this evening and I have been a wee bit blocked up the last few days but I'd say I'll be grand.

I did a 5km during the week with an average of 5.46m/km and I surprised myself that I had a fair bit in the tank to be able to step it up halfway through when I saw my times were crap and even when I finished I felt like I could have carried on at that pace for another couple of kms. I've been doing some 5km with a friend and she's fairly slow so I think that helps me too.

It turns out I had been carrying the ACL injury for years. There was a wee bit of pain in both knees (the other was only some inflammation behind the patella so tablets sorted that one) and I decided to get it checked. When the doc saw the scans the first thing he asked me if I had ever played rugby! Bit of a shock to me! I play GAA until I was 18 or so so I must have been carrying it since then.
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