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Hi TheEd,

Thanks for the positive comments . Feeling really good about this plan.

Did parkrun this morning for my (almost) 5k. Pretty much exactly the same time as last time. Difference this time was that I paced myself much better at the beginning and the hills seemed a lot less of a struggle than they usually are:

Time Distance Avg Pace Avg HR
21:47 4.83 4:31 182

Easy runs from Wednesday and Thursday (I've given up on the treadmill now and doing all my runs outdoors):

Time Distance Avg Pace Avg HR
32:44 5.72 5:43 149
57:55 9:01 6:26 141

For the half hour session I tried to keep heart rate just below 150 instead of just above 140. Is this ok or should I stick to keeping it nearer the 140 mark?

What's your thoughts of throwing in a longer run into the schedule? Perhaps a 2 hour run instead of the 1h30 run. I've got a half marathon coming up in Feb and I really want to get near 1:30. I got 1:42:24 for the same race this year.

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