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Icon2 1st session has been done!

Hello TheEd,

Thanks for everything.

on sunday I ran 30 min easy run-recovery after race.

Dis Time Pace Avg.Hr Max.Hr
4.86 30:04.1 6:11 144 166

yesterday I went to the gym and didn't run.

Today, I completed my 1st session of the program! with final easy run.

Dis Time Pace Avg.Hr Max.Hr
5.15 30:00.7 5:50 140 161

It was a really fresh one....

so now I am preparing myself to the 2nd session which I would like to start soon.

need your help with ordering the program as well so on 6/2/15 I can go on a real Race!!!

I wish you and your family merry christmas!

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