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Hello TheEd,

well, so far everything is great. The 3 days of the program have been done.

on monday - 19/01- I did the easy distance:

Dis Time Pace Avg.HR Max.HR
12.55 1:10.01 5:35 127 165

It was a little bit difficult but when I started to get used to it, it turned to be an easy one.

Yesterday - 20/01 - 30 min easy run

Dis Time Pace Avg.HR Max.HR
5.24 30:00.05 5:44 150 161

It was an hard run! I felt tired.

Today - 21/01 - 3x2km(R2min)

Dis Time Pace Avg.HR Max.HR
2km 8:42.50 4:21 142 180
2km 9:13.90 4:37 177 185
2km 9:50.22 4:56 176 183

The first 2km was great!
The second 2km divided to the first 1km which was o.k whereas the other one was difficult.
The third 2km was very hard, no fuel left in the tank at the end of the run...

I am verry happy, I am back on running. consider the fact that before I have started this session, last time I ran, was on 26/12!!! almost a month without running.

See ya,
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