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Slow progress on the sub 35 10k plan

Hi there,
Here’s my first post on Time-to-run. First, many thanks for providing this site, it has been a huge wealth of information for me - my main source of info for training. Very much appreciated!

I’ve not followed a training plan before and in the past just went out the door and ran for 2 or 3 miles as quick as I could 4 times a week. Not very scientific and pretty boring after a while. Your 3 week training cycle keeps things varied and psychologically that really helps me stick with it.

Getting to the point of my post; my progress seems slow in running a sub-35 10k time. I’m 42 years old, 177cm and about 68Kg. (Nearly all my running is done early in the morning – not sure if that’s relevant.) Before starting running (Jan2014) I did some cycling to keep fit. I ran a 36:21 10k last May with the help of your sub-35 training plan which I did for 9 weeks/3 training cycles in advance. Prior to that I was running as above without any plan.

I stuck with the sub-35 plan into the early summer, then through July and Aug ran the off-training cycle then 2x build-up cycles. Then a short break of a week or so as I had some pain in my left calf. I went back onto the sub-35 plan from around mid-Sep till two weeks ago and now I’ve just completed the 2 week off training cycle. I’ll start 1x build-up plan tomorrow. My fastest 10k time was 35:50 which I ran about 8 weeks ago. 5 weeks ago I ran a 10k in 36:09 and 2 weeks ago 10k in 36:15.

I feel overall I have improved but progress seems slow! Is there any advice you can give to help me reach my goal? Or is my ‘steady’ progress reasonable given my age? I’m planning on racing some events this year and hope to run sub-35 in 2015 at some point, even 31st Dec will do!

I have lots of data (including HR) from my watch and Strava account. Let me know if you need to see any of that. I notice from other posts people often give their 5x2k times, here’s my most recent from 20th Dec 2014:
1 6:44
2 6:47
3 6:55
4 6:49
5 6:57

One last question, in the build-up training cycle, what HR would you recommend I run at on the easy runs? I’ve searched around and seen 65% or 70% of max heart rate. I’ve tended not to stick to a certain HR but tried to just run easy based on how I feel. Normally between 120 and 140 bpm.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to any advice you may have!
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