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Half marathon

Last year, your training routine took me succesfully from 55' to 47' in just three months. Later in the year after a couple of half marathons, an injury and overtraining (I've run 2000 Km in 2015) have taken me off the road for a couple of months.
Now I am getting back somehow more cautiously (race test: 52') and my goals for the year are:
-beating the 45' mark in the 10K
-Running three HMs (April, July, November)

Does it make sense doing 2x3weeks 10K cycle, then 2 weeks off-training, 3 week build-up and two three-week cycles for the HM by end of April? (1st peak form moment of the season)

Adapting the 10K routine to hm preparation is really as simple as increasing the distance in the long run, leaving the rest of the training intact? What would be the optimum distance?
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