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Hi Ed, happy new year to you and the team!

I needed more time to sort out my Achilles problem and only did relaxed running up to late Dec. Things seem to be going well now. I’ve just completed 2 x training cycles starting at a relaxed pace and culminating in a 10k race yesterday morning, finishing in 37:23 / 3.44 per k. The race felt good and I finished strong with no problems.

But I’m not feeling very quick yet. My latest 5 x 2k’s averaged 3:41 per k and my paced 5k (day 12 of the last training cycle) was completed in 18:55.

My aim is to run a sub34. Previously you mentioned modifying the training cycle slightly. I feel I need to get back to sub35 fitness first.

Any advice/comments gratefully received.

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