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Strength training while following a 10k plan

Strength training while following a 10k plan - progress and suggestions

I primarily run 5-10K. I expect for a 10K sub 35 this year, but my main goal is sub 34. Would you then recommend training on the sub 33 program or sub 35. My level should be at about 35:40 now.

Then on to my real issue. Since I compete in a militray sport I need some strength training as well. Primarily chin-ups, bench press and core strength. How would you include that in the program, and which days would it be preferred?
I have run about 50k a week since November, so I'm ready to start following the program to be ready for the season start in May.

As an additional info I'm 81kg and 1,74m. Quite heavy for a runner.
PB is 9:32 on 3K and 27:56 on 8K

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