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It think your suggestions are reasonable and I will follow them. Espescially in the first cycle to adapt and to be able to actually complete the different tasks of the day. I'm not planning anything more than two days of strength training, and probably a day or two with injury preventing and stretching.

Another question regarding input of other types of training.
I should have some obstacle course intervals as well. Typically these intervals consist of 6x1 min R1min and 12x 30 sec R30sec. is it an option to put in this exercises as well. thinking as a substitute for running that day.

I'm used to train alot, but not in a structured manner, so that is why I'm asking someone more familiar with this. With your running program and the inputs regarding other excersises I will probably be able to improve even further.

Thanks for the comments om my PBs. Should really try losing some weight to gains om extra seconds, but it has proved more difficult than I imagined

I'll return with an update when I have finished parts of cycle one and see how it is working out. Could take some time though, due to a cold.

Again, thanks for your help and quick response!

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