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Dear 'TheEd'

I have some figures following the 2k session. What a session! omg

The 2 session was very tough. So much so that I felt totally wiped out. Just a lack of experience for this session type I guess.
I have done 1 mile intervals before but not regularly.

- - - - -
So I have some figures following this 2k session. Do you want to see them right away ? or do I just get back to you once I have gone through the program cycle ? and have a filled out form ?

The figures are disappointing in a way but also I done a few things which I wont do next time. That said it was hard - very hard so that means I tried hard.

What I did do :

• Used a road loop that goes around my town as a quiet perimeter road. I ran (easy) to the location there as a warm up and then stretched some more for a few minutes.
There is a cycle lane and pavement all the way which cannot be accessed by traffic.

Lengthy but gently graduating hills that go on for 400m or so. So quite a few ups and downs interfering with the consistency of pace.
• Used the watch set for 2k intervals

The watch alterted me for each 2k interval and 90 sec rest.

With the watch set for intervals, it could not also altert me for target pace zones so that meant I couldn't have it buzz me in out and of my target pace.
• Had my target pace based on the calculations from the 4k time trial
I knew what pace I should target.

Inconsistency of pace. I went out too quick and didnt set the watch to alert for pace
Next time :

I shall use the watch set for pace and use the track instead.
In the summer I shall have more options for where I can do those sessions.

Ofcourse I could continue with this course for the 2k sessions. It was tough but I like the challenge.

In total. Doing the 2k session at this location meant I ran 13.5k as I ran to the location and then hobbled home.

I really felt lactic build up after the first 2k interval but it dispersed pretty well during the session. Something like that.

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