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Forrest, don't worry about these things for now, as you progress you will learn more, these programs are progressive and you will get to know all about your different pace and heart rate as you go through the cycles

on average 140 works for most runners on the programs here, we do expect some athletes to be different, and I have personally coached a 28 minute 10k runner who's pulse was exceptionally low, and throw in the fact that he couldn't stretch to save his life and it only confirms that some athletes are simply different

as mentioned, don't hassle about these things for now, try to keep it simple

and for now, if your easy run is 140, make the keep the 70% run below 160 bpm

the number one ambition is to go through the cycle, and then look to run faster at the end of the cycle, then go through the cycle again, all the time learning more and more, gaining running experience

on we go and I hope this helps

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