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Originally Posted by BlakeRunner View Post
Hello 'The Ed'

A couple of questions.

Why is it important not to go under 19.10 for the 5k paced run ?
I want to snub the EASY 60 on sunday (DAY 13) for my favoured XC hill run. I enjoy this run so much that it is pretty much the reason I run.
Monday is also only an EASY 30 so good time to recover ?

Hi there, the reason for stipulating running according to a pace, is that the 5k paced is not the run, and often runners put in a fast 5k because they 'feeling good' and then are flat when it comes to the race the following weekend

it is performing when it counts

the run on Sunday is no problem, however as mentioned above, do note that the day of performance is the following weekend, so we should do everything to assist this goal

the major aim is to train towards achieving the best performance on the days that count.


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