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Cycle 01 - Day 12

Hi there 'The Ed' thanks for your advice.

And I hope you're having a great weekend.

Well I couldn't run today. Yep cant even get 20 minutes to myself. So thats the 5k paced run out the window. Weekends are a nightmare to train.

Still good to run XC and hills rather than the EASY 60 tomorrow ? I doubt ill here back before then so ill just do the hills. Its an EASY 30 mins on Monday.

ill send all the stats. I've been looking more attentively at heart rate zones the last few days and adjusting the zones on my GPS watch a bit more. Would you mind having a look over them if I send you a grab of the data ?

I dont tend to run according to a heart rate zone anyways but am thinking I may actually have to do that especially if Im running on irregular ground etc... where I cannot maintain a certain pace because of elevations.

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