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Thanks Ed.

The last 3 weeks look like this:
Day 1 run had to be cut short to 1hr and I missed day 5 run altogether… that’s life!
5 x 2k session, ave 3.40 per k
6 x 1k session, ave 3.28 per k
5k paced session, ave 3.36 per k / 18 mins
10 x 400m session, ave 3.10 per k. I surprised myself.
Day 19, ran an 8k tt, ave 3.44 per k. The last 1.5k was a struggle.

Generally feeling slightly quicker and fitter, though I realise a long way to go to last year’s times. Enjoying the sessions.

I have a 10k race mid-May, and looking for a 10k to race in April too. Mid-March I have a half marathon place which was given to me so I can’t really turn that down.

As always, any pointers and suggestions very welcome.

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