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Cycle 1 - Day 17

Good day 'TheEd'

I'm almost at the end of this cycle.
I'll carry on through and back to DAY 1. Ill read up on 'The Off Training Period'. Not sure that affects me yet. Ill read up.

Meanwhile I did the 30mins + 18mins Fartlek yesterday (DAY 17). Good fun although I really didnt feel like running to be honest. Would much have preferred to have sat down and had a cup of coffee. So I went out and ran anyway and the coffee tasted better for it.

So first I did the EASY 30 mins :

Attached :

And immediately followed this with the Fartlek session of - 6x 1min FAST / 1 MIN SLOW / 1 min RACE (total 18mins).

I did get a bit mixed up and screwed up the order a bit. Im not even 100% certain I understood it right.

Here's what I did. See attached :

Ok so rest day today (DAY 18)

Tomorrow - Race day Saturday (DAY 19). 5k Park Run(s) are ofcourse on a Saturday but I cant attend those anymore as I take my kids to their activities. Soooo should I just do a tempo run on Sat or do my hill run on Sun ?

Alright well I hope you're staying injury free and running like a gazelle.

Speak soon
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