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I'm finished with my first cycle, and here are an update.

Due to snow all of my sessions have been on treadmill. On the 5x2k I ran at 6:50.
The 6x1k I ran 8x1k instead from 3:20 to 3:00. I suspect a poorly calibrated treadmill, and tht was probably the reason why I managed 8x instead of 6x. (and a speed of 3:00)

I then ran the 5k on 17:00 which I think was my best result in this cycle.

Today I ran the race, but again on treadmill. I aimed for 28mins on 8k since this is the distance I mainly compete in. I mentally chickened out at 7,4 km, and reduced the speed and finished on 28:22. With a lighter pair of shoes and a better preparation I think I should be able to finish on 28:00 the next cycle.

I have juggled around with the different exercises. Probably did around 80 percent according to plan. A lot of the easier runs have been prioritized away for cross country skiing. Which have been a lot longer and sometimes harder than the run would be. Typically two hours and 30km. This somehow affected the last week of the cycle, since I have been more tired and not have had the energy I normally have. Hopefully spring isn't to far away, and it will be a lot easier to run outside.

Regarding strength training I have performed two exercises a week during the whole period. I feel that this works fine if I don't put them to close to the interval sessions.

Since all of the sessions have been on treadmill I have just set one speed with the session goal and run. That's why the 5k is 17:00 blank. It will be interesting to perform the same outdoors when you have advantages/disadvantages due to terrain and weather.

As a summary I'm really satisfied with the program, and think the variation in the different sessions is good and motivating. Strength training is no problem to include. Looking forward to the next cycle, and my way towards a sub 35 10k

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