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Cycle 02 - Day 08

x6 - 1000m ®60

Hi there 'The Ed'

I went through this session rather badly I think although I felt it was ok (at the time).
I was constantly checking the watch for pace and upped the pace whenever I saw that the pace shown was above 4.00. Most of the time I thought it was actually around 3.50 but it seems I was wrong as the figures here attached tell a different story.

I couldn't make it to the track so had to do this session on the road this time. Unfortunately.


I did feel at the beginning I was quite fluid and went along quite nicely. The last couple I felt sluggish and had to drive my legs forward. I tried to make sure my form wasnt compromised. This is contrary to last time where I had a days rest before (due to a missed 30min run) so perhaps this time round I was a bit more tired as the day before it was an easy 10k.The other difference is that previously it was on track which I guess is generally slightly faster.

Ill learn hmm

Anyways if you have any advice let me know.
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