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Cycle 2: Day 12

PROGRAM SCHEDULE: 5K PACED RUN - AIM SUB 20 (no faster than 19.10)

Hello 'The Ed'

I've mentioned before that doing an a.m Park Run or any morning run Saturday is not something I can commit to so at any random time on this day I do a paced run although its not exactly 5k. i hope thats not a problem.

I do a XC run (6.58km) at any random time when I can fit it in on this day.

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I did a time of 28.08. My quickest time on this run is 27.07 and I will add that this was in dry conditions where this time was done in the wet and it was boggy in places.

HR dropped out so I have nothing to show on that.

I have a couple more runs to post up later.
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