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Hi Ed,

Hope all well with you and the time-to-run team.

The half marathon I ran back in March went well except for the last mile when I ran out of steam & staggered to the finish line! Pleased with a 1:21 tho.

I have my next 10k race next weekend and I'll update after that with a time. Progress has been steady and injury free so far. Yesterday I ran a 17:00 5k. My recent intervals were 3:21 per k for the 1ks and 3:26 per k for the 2ks (all on the track). My long run is now up to 2 hours and I covered 23k on the most recent one. I feel progress has been made but the test is yet to come!

I have a question about the training cycle regarding two 10k races I've entered in June. The races are a week apart and I want to run well in both! The 1st race is on June19 and falls on day12 of the training cycle. The second race is on June26 and falls on day19. Do you suggest changing anything in the training cycle?

Many thanks as always,
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