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Thanks Ed,

I ran 21:03 in 5k Park Run.

3 weeks ago it was 21:48.

Legs felt like weights due to poor week's sleep as I did an all nighter catching up on work 3 days prior to my race but I just could not sleep with month end's stress. I was pleasantly surprised by the time despite the lack of strength.

I have another 2 x 3 week cycles to go before rest period and then build up so I am looking forward to moving onto Sub 40.
I have subdivided the year into 3 x 17 week periods.

Thank you for the program. It creates daily, weekly and yearly structure into my running as I used to run pretty much gung ho despite a 16:24 5k and 34:53 PB years ago while getting often ill skipping from the one program to the next.
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