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Hi Ed,

Here’s an update on recent races. June has been busier than originally planned - I ran in 4 races, one each weekend.
The 1st was another 21k race mostly off-road, I finished in 1:19, a new best and I pushed myself all the way.
2nd was a 21k again but on extreme hills off road, 1:54! I held back a little trying to treat it as a training session but it was really gruelling.
3rd was my first 10k of the month, off road and I finished in 37:19 and came 2nd overall. It was tough but held my pace right to the finish.
4th (this morning) was a 10k road race. I did 35:29. I was expecting to run sub35 but my legs felt tired from about 4k and my paced really dropped off in the final 2k.

So i’m thinking of doing one more training cycle with no races until day 19 and giving the sub 35 another go. I think I can do it but need to take it easy for the next cycle. Then onto the off training period.

Any pointers or comments always appreciated!

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