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Canada Struggling with Sub 45 10km Plan

Hi TheEd,

Thank you for adding me to your community, your site has made a tremendous impact on a lot of people, mine included!

I'm currently starting the second cycle of the plan but found myself struggling with the hard workouts and ran a 46 minute 10 Km. That's when I reached out to you and you suggested I perform the 4km TT to determine my zones.

I finally got a break in the weather and just returned from doing a 4K TT. The results for each 400 m split:

1. 1:25:82 155bpm
2. 1:39:91 166bpm
3. 1:41:36 164bpm
4. 1:47:19 161bpm
5. 1:51:21 159bpm
6. 1:51:05 159bpm
7. 1:50:19 159bpm
8. 1:59:01 158bpm - started to really struggle but mostly mental
9. 1:51:44 158bpm - grit my teeth and gave it as I thought this was the last one.
10. No result as I miscalculated how many laps I was on.

Based on my results:
4:25 min/km X 5 km = 21:25 min
Double for 10km = 42:50 min + 1 min = 43:50 min
4:35 min rounded up is 4:40 min/km for 5x2km pace
5x2k @ 4:40 R90
6x1k @ 4:30 R60

I hope my calculations are correct since I'm not very good with handling units of time.

I know you said to skip biking while working the plan but to maintain swimming, so does that mean I can skip on the recovery runs if I'm swimming on those days and jump right into the Intervals and Fartleks, or do I need adequate rest days after swimming before a hard run session?

Thanks again for adding me.

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