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4x2k R90-2min 8min 50 (4.25 per k) T


I had a tough swimming session the night before this run (I'm talking maximum heart rate tough). It had me slightly worried about my performance for the run, but here are the numbers.

My pace is different than what is provided in the program.
Pace = 4:40 min/km with 2 minutes standing rest between sets.

10 minute warm up.

2km 9:20 pace 4:40 153bm

2km 9:09 pace 4:35 154bpm

2km 9:13 pace 4:37 155bpm

2km 9:16 pace 4:38 155bpm

Overall, the amount of effort was moderate up until the last set. My legs started to feel heavy for the last 500-600 meters but nothing to push the session into hard territory.

I noticed that my body tends to prefer 4:50 and 4:30 paces but I had a hard time maintaining 4:40. 4:40 is hard for me for some reason. I'm thinking as long as my averages work out then I can yo-yo between the two speeds? This allows for me to maintain a high cadence and lightness on my feet, or slower cadence but bigger strides.

I'm happy with these results and am looking forward to the next session.
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