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Originally Posted by TheEd View Post
Hi hansen, try not to yo yo the speeds but to teach yourself pace judgement, this is the main focus during the session

the 1st cycle is always new territory
Hi TheEd,

Ok, I'll work harder in maintaining speed from here on out.

Also, this will be my 2nd cycle. I went solo during the 1st and failed the hard sessions, but managed to get through the 5k paced and ended with a hilly 10k at 46:37.

Thanks for the links you provided. Very interesting journeys and seeing improvement in numbers.

I also noticed they provided you with some info that may prove useful and I thought I should do the same.

I'm a 38 year old male, 5'10" at around 140 lbs. I suffered a ruptured ligament in my right foot in 2008 and ran a 16 minute 5k prior to that.

My current maximum heart rate is 180 BPM. My resting heart rate is about 65 BPM.

My next session is a 90 minute time on feet.

Have a good weekend!

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