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16 min 5km

Originally Posted by TheEd View Post
hansen, from your feedback, have you run a 16 minute 5k previously?

if so, then we must certainly be cautious you do not get injured again


Hi TheEd,

At my peak before rupturing my ligament I ran a 5k event in 16 minutes. I ruptured the ligament about a month after at the 5k mark of a 10k race. That was almost 9 years ago. Ironically, my 10km time was around 46-47 minute mark. I had all the short term speed but long distance I had nothing.

I feel I should add that I was still a smoker (half-a-pack a day) when I established that time. I no longer smoke.

Also, I have a high tolerance for pain and at that time I ignored my body and popped Advil and Tylenol and kept running.

It took 6 months to heal, 6 months to be able to walk properly, another 6 or so months to regain strength, and I don't remember how long it took before I was able to run 5km non-stop.

I've built a considerable amount of fear for going all out when I run. So it's hard to hit max.

I'm learning now to go slow and not be so obsessed about numbers and performance in order to stay safe and injury free. Although, I won't complain if my results are spectacular.

I did the 90 and 30 runs, will post back with 6x1 numbers. I have to skip the additional 30 recovery run as that falls on my swimming time.

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