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I'm back from the 6x1km workout. Here are the summaries.

November 20, 2016
90 minutes time on feet
Distance: 15.07 km
Avg. Pace: 5:58 min/km
Avg. HR: 142

November 21, 2016
30 minutes easy
Distance: 5 km
Avg. Pace: 6:00 min/km
Avg. HR: 136

November 22, 2016
1 hour swimming with club

November 23, 2016
6x1 km with 90 seconds standing rest
10 minute warm up
1. 4:29. 158/106
2. 4:23. 149/104
3. 4:28. 150/104
4. 4:28. 149/105
5. 4:29. 149/104
6. 4:30. 149/101

Sets 1-5 were pretty moderate in intensity at about 3-4/5. Last set was about 4.5/5 because my asthma decided to join in on the fun. Overall, not a bad session. I did have to dial it down at the start of the first two sets as I was going way too fast.

I may not have been fully warmed up by the looks of the data. It is cold out (7 degrees C) and I was in shorts and a thin long sleeve.

Also, TheEd, I have this weird thing going on with my left hamstring/calf. It's not painful, but there is this discomfort directly behind my knee in the muscles. It's only bothersome at the start but after adequate warming up it goes away. When my body cools down, it comes back. I've tried stretching, strength exercises, foam rolling. They relieve the tension, but it is still there. I'm not too sure what to do or what it is.

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