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Build Up Period

Hello Gavin,
First of all I'd like to thank you for the lots of helpfull information on this site.

So, to get things going:
I started at the end of last year the under 40min 10k training plan, I finished about 1 cycle. I got an respiratory infection, got it treated for 6 days but wasn't able to train for about 3 weeks afterwards due to extremely low temperatures.

I got totally out of shape and I started doing some easy runs at the end of January and I decided to start with the build up period. Today is day 5 and I wanted to get some info on the HR during these runs. My HR max is 185 and I ran the first 3 sessions like below:

Day 1 - 9.12km @ average 134bpm @ 6:35/km
Day 2 - 8.82km @ average 135bpm @ 6:48/km
Day 3 - 9.06km @ average 137bpm @ 6:38/km

Is this ok regarding HR load?

Also, regarding day 5, what do you reccomend doing if there are no hills in my area?

Some info about me:

I started running about 3 years ago, my PBs(last year) for 5km & 10km were 19:56 & 42:08.
But after reading over here I believe I did not train properly. And I say this because most of my training sessions were ran in zones 4 & 5.

Because of this I believe I did not build a proper aerobic base. I realized this after the 3 weeks of pause after my respiratoty infection: before the infection on a 10km run @ 5:40/km I was at aprox 140-145bpm avg HR; I tried running like this(approx 6:00/km) after the 3 weeks pause and my HR was around 165-170 bpm...

So after some very easy runs at the end of January, I decided to start with the build up period, thinking that it could help me develop an aerobic base.
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