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I have various supplements I have been using, especially after the high intensity sessions or any session over an hour. I have have been using a protein whey concentrate from Protein World. I will take a bit of their pre workout before intervals, long runs and strength workouts too and have some of their "recovery" supplement (which isn't getting replaced once gone as the Protein Concentrate does the same thing).

Will try to keep breakfast protein heavy (eggs generally), lunch is always porridge oats and a protein shake (carbing up for the evening session). Evening meals are now cooked from scratch, no tins, jars or packets meaning less sugars etc. These are generally chicken or beef based recipes. Deserts/snacks usually a fresh fruit cocktail with Greek yogurt or homemade flapjacks.

Don't forget hydration either. Two litres of water daily not including shakes/lucozade sport (used only during high intensity sessions - like tonight's 2km sesh) or my one allowance of wake up coffee in morning.

I also take vitamin B complex, cod liver oil and a liquid Vit. D supplement to help the knees!

This has been pretty much the whole diet since I have been back in training.

The calf is still a little tight today. Will be getting on the foam roller after the 2km session later. Maybe a sports massage will loosen it up a bit? Cannot remember if I have mentioned this before but not sure it the calf issue is linked to driving. I commute an hour each way daily for work and do not have cruise control so the right leg is constantly working during the drive.

Anyway, time for porridge and a shake

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