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Trying to keep as loose as I can.

I train on my own - the interval sessions I have always done solo. I haven't been to the running club for a year, since I broke down halfway through my last attempted XC race for them. I haven't got anyone local to train with as I don't know anyone. I should make some friends up the local running clubs really The only issue with that is they meet on a Wednesday and Friday and these are the High intensity nights on the programme. The other Club meets Monday and Wednesday and they do their speed work session on a Monday. It was better before I moved house as club nights were Monday and Thursday which are always easy running nights on the programme. The speed merchants at the club never understood why I wasn't interested in running with them on these club nights, their easy runs are too close to race pace even for them!

I will see if I can find some people to run with. It may take a while though.

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