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5.40km t/m 1% inc
131 ave hr
139 Peak HR

141 ave hr
152 Peak HR

6x1km R90
3.27km warm up
1. 4:10.4 Peak HR 144
2. 4:08.4 Peak HR 149
3. 4:10.4 Peak HR 153
4. 4:10.3 Peak HR 153
5. 3:56.7 Peak HR 156
6. 3:40.1 Peak HR 159
2.73km warm down

:tongue pop: Can't believe I ran the second km so quick!

Felt good going into the session. There was a slight drizzle to keep me cool. It was later in evening so no moving obstacles around park either. Don't ask where the last km came from, I went for consistency in first 4 then upped a bit as was feeling good then went for it in last, despite pace i managed to kick with about 150 to go and hold the increased pace through to finish, the Garmin data backs this up. Legs were good, wasn't overly straining and recovered quickly after session. Felt it a little in calves and hams yesterday so restricted pace on treadmill (below) and got the foam roller out and the right calf on it last night. Feels good this morning.

5.31km t/m 1% inc
125 ave hr
135 Peak HR

In other news - I have an operation on the 15th March. Will look to finish this cycle and squeeze in another longer run before being forced to rest for another week or so. Once first cycle is done post op, will be looking to enter a race or too. What do you think to this plan coach?

On we go!

Have a lovely weekend.

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