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Hi TheEd,
Pulse during rest periods is as follows:
  • R1 - 158 avg bpm and 146bpm right at the start of 2'nd 2k
  • R2 - 156 avg bpm and 146bpm right at the start of 3'rd 2k
  • R3 - 159 avg bpm and 152bpm right at the start of 4'th 2k
  • R4 - 160 avg bpm and 150bpm right at the start of 5'th 2k

Pulse wasn't very low because the 'rest period' was a mix of fast walking & jogging. During the 2'nd cycle I'll try to rest properly.
I will also rest properly(complete stop or a few meters walking) during the 1k sessions tomorrow.

Day 5(long run) - 90 min running; 13.4km @ 6m:44s/km @ 148 avg bpm.
Slight discomfort on the left knee, probably because of pace. HR was pretty erratic, probably because I hadn't recovered properly after the 2k sessions(my "active" rest periods probably had a saying).
Day 6 - 10km easy running; 63 min @ 6m:19s/km @ 147 avg bpm
Felt comfortable, knee was ok. HR was pretty steady.

Regarding Garmin Connect site, might it be a browser issue? You should be able to open the link, as I have set the activity privacy to "Everyone". Have you tried opening the link on another PC? Logging in shouldn't be required.

I'll come back tomorrow after work with an update on the 1k sessions.
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