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5:29 pace
133 ave hr
150 Peak HR

Legs were not feeling tip top so was a bit of an awkward plod in the rain. Was conscious of not pushing the body beyond what it was prepared to do.

5km tempo run.
3.2km warm up.

1. 4:18.9
2. 4:17.3
3. 4:19.5
4. 4:17.6
5. 4.19.3
Average HR 146. Peak HR 152.
Total: 21:33.7

2.7km warm down.

Tried to run the paced session with consistent splits in mind. Was conscious not to break the 21:30 threshold. Comfortable run, didn't feel strained stressful on body or mind at any point. Breathing was comfortable and HR was very consistent throughout session. Legs were ok during and after too. It al looks promising for further improvement. Just following the process, sticking to the plan and reaping the gains!

On Sturday I walked the dog over to park run and had a chat to a few people, running club membership renewed is this month for the next year, that is good timing! Looks like the collage do sports massages on a weds night so that is on the menu shortly and will be a regular to keep the calf loose. £7 a session can't be grumbled at. May even be able to get together some contacts and training partners once I get up to the club on a more regular basis.

Productive weekend all in all.

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