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Hi TheEd, haven't heard from you for the past week. Hope you're doing well.

Today is day 12, the 5km run. I did not run today because I had a weird tingling sensation in my throat and did not want to force it(most of my colleagues at work caught a cold/flu or something, hope my immune system will keep me safe). So I did an easy 27km bike ride(avg HR was 108, so almost didn't sweat at all).

Anyway, please check posts above for the 6 x 1k session & the HR for the REST in the 5 x 2k session.

The easy runs are improving, pace is getting faster while keeping the same HR.

Day 8 - 30 min easy; 4.99km @ 6m:01s/km @ 146 bpm avg(see above posts, 6x1k was done on day 7)

Day 9 - 30 min easy; 5.04km @ 5m:57s/km @ 146 bpm avg

Day 10 - 60 min easy; 9.81km @ 6m:07s/km @ 147 bpm avg

Day 11 - rest

Day 12 - bike ride instead of 5k, not wanted to force my throat

I might have a competition next Saturday, it's a 16km trail race with 1055m elevation gain. Do you think it's a good idea to go?
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