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for some reason the email alerts have not been coming through (I was wondering why it was so quiet )

in the first cycle, don't hassle if things go all wrong, you have the 2nd cycle to work on things becoming smoother.

your 1k session looks fine

don't panic in the early stages of the program, take a rest day if needed to get back on track with the cycle

try to do less instead of more if you feel you getting a cold, and don't try make up for lost sessions

the programs are designed to fit in with life and not the other way around, so don't put unneeded stress on yourself

things take time but the intention is to enjoy and not to be hard on oneself when things don't work out

the enjoyment factor is a priority and once you enjoy the 2k session then anything is possible

If recover from the itchy throat then participate in next week's event but make sure to have fun

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