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After race update

So, I decided to race after all. I felt ok on Friday and also this morning.

Race was a 16km trail race with 1055m positive elevation and nice rainy chilly weather ). I finished on 50'th place out of 121 participants in 02h:27m.

Target was under 2h:20m, but somehow my right shoe got untied around the 11k mark and I only noticed after I felt pain behind my right ankle. Pain was caused by a very painful blister that got me limping on the last 4km, which were on a smooth downhill grade. Normally I would have ran these at under 4:30/km, but due to the blister it was around 6:30/km.... So, precious time lost on the last 4k.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the result considering that I got badly out of shape after that cold I got in December...

Muscles are sore at the moment, I've got no cramps during/after the race. Average bpm was 169, max bpm was 187.

I will rest the next 2 days and start on Tuesday with the 2'nd cycle.
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