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Hey Ed,
Hope you're well. Back up & running albeit at a slower pace. The back is still a bit tight but I'm managing it fine & ribs are almost fully healed. I seem to have developed a bit of tennis elbow with the swimming but otherwise the running is fine. I even managed a 2nd in on obstacle race & got some prize money. Now I just need to convince my wife that all the money spent over the years has been worth it now I'm a paid athlete 😂.
I've been trying to build a bit of distance as I'm doing a race on the 7th May called for wings for life. The premise is that everyone around the world sets of at the same time 11:00 GMT. Unfortunately in Dubai that means 3pm & temperatures of 40 degrees Last year I managed 28km before I was caught by the car. I hope to beat that this year but I have to tell you it feels hotter this year for some reason. The plan is to start at 5:00k pace then if I'm not dying take it from there.
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