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Hey Ed. I was doing a long run once a week & doing most of my runs in the heat but I must admit it was getting to much. I seemed to hit a wall around 5-6 miles so I decided to keep it simple early or late runs & im just spreading the mileage throughout the week. I ran a short 5k race this weekend in 19:41 which I was pleased with. I've a week until the wings for life run & then I have 3 months until my half ironman. I plan to run 3 times a week with maybe room for 2 very short/slow runs after a cycle. Anyway any advice on how to set a plan? Is it possible to follow the structure of the 10k plan with a tweaking of the distances? Anyway I know I've gone completely outside the forum for 5/10k plans but I appreciate the feedback. Cheers Joe.
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