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Back after Long Break

Hi all, it's been two years since I've been here. Gavin, are you still around? Life has been very busy leaving very little time to do any focused training, mostly just running when opportunity allows until recently. Started back into a regular routine a few months ago, still trying to find my legs again. Some new things I'm going to try this time around based on some things I've learned about myself during my extended break: I really like training for the sake of training. I missed it while life took over; now that I have some more time in my schedule I am itching to get back into a more focused routine.

I'm not going to set a race goal this time. I feel like that's putting the horse before the cart. My new intention is to focus on training and letting the results land where they land. I want to know I'm following the plan as best as my body will allow and what will be will be.

This has lead to what I feel is my first major breakthrough: I finally feel like I've gotten a handle on is how to run easy runs! Without a race looming in the future, it's a lot easier to just run slow during my easy/recovery days. I am hoping that will help over the long term to enable me to follow the training and get very focused on doing the quality workouts (5x2k, 10x1K etc).

I just started a new cycle this week, ran a 4x2K R90 at 4:35 pace and felt in control the whole time. Will see how the rest of the cycle goes this month and will report back.

It's nice to be on the road again
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