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Sub 40 10k - Thank you

Hello TheEd and fellow runners,

I read a lot of posts here and thought I would share my experience after a first milestone.

I started running 2 years ago after 15 years of no running and very little exercise despite being rather fit overall. I remember my first run in May 2015 being a 5k in 30mins at 180bpm and not walking the next couple of days...

I quickly went down to 20:10 at Parkrun (5k) in January 2016 and printed the sub 40 10k program at the time. It did not take me long to get injured (shin splints) try to follow it. I think the volume of training was just too much for me after such a long break from sport activities, despite the time objective being reasonable given my 5k time. For a good while I stuck to the rule of not running two days in a row and despite some slight pain in the lower legs, I never came close to getting shin splints again (fingers crossed).

My second issue was a weak left ankle that needed to be put back in place by the physio after some runs with a few days of rest each time. Despite this intermittent training I managed 19:25 5k and 1:31:00 half marathon in autumn 2016 but injured my right foot on the half marathon. I never really understood what happened to it but I could not walk for a week and not run for 2 months after the race.

After a long pause over winter, I tried to change shoes and run on various surfaces (trail, road, track) as much as possible and so far the ankle has not been a problem. It must have got back some strength. I slowly got my 5k time back from 23:30 earlier this year to 20:00 but manage that without pushing to the maximum (which is a challenge when I run with other parkrunners!).

In May I followed the sub 40 10k plan, skipping a lot of the 30 mins easy runs and replacing them by rest days and not running more than 1hr during long runs to be able to cope with the volume. Last sunday I ran my first 10k race in 39:59 essentially 4:00/km during the first 8kms, falling to 4:10 at k9 and managing 3:49 at k10.

This two year journey back into running has been amazing and this website has been full of great resources in good and bad times. I am not sure what my next target will be. Sub 19 5k probably makes sense. I will likely follow the same sub 40 10k program again, sticking to my rule of not fully sticking to it!

Thank you TheEd for all the good advice. I have many questions, but stop here for today.

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