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Thank you for your answer.

Ok so I ran:
45mins @4:50/k 153bpm on Wednesday
60mins @5:00/k 150bpm on Thursday

I'll stick to a rest day this Friday and hope for a quality session 4-5x2k tomorrow and maybe an easy run on Sunday instead of a rest day (unless you do not recommend it).

I have a question on hr during intervals sessions and races. I feel like 180bpm is really the point where I get in danger if I go above that level. During last Sunday's 10k I kept hr slightlty below 180bpm (@178-179) and all was fine and when I got above 180 at km9 i nearly blew up and had to slow down.

How should I take that? Should I get used to running at slightly higher than 180bpm during interval sessions or instead get used to running faster at the more comfortable 178-179bpm? As of now 178-179bpm is coherent with 4:00/k pace. (Note my max hr is 198bpm and rest hr is 52bpm).

Thank you!
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