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The glass is always half full, eh The Ed haha!!

Unfortunately not me me today. Had to give day 7 a miss. There is another niggle on the back of the leg leg. I can't exactly pinpoint what the problem is and it is something that has been gradually getting worse since I woke up yesterday morning. it's not sore, just s strange feeling. When driving and I change gear (Left foot clutch here) it feels like there is something just out of place above the rear of the knee. Initially I though it was just an ache from the long run on Sunday. Will be proceeding with caution the next few days. Doesn't look like the 6x1 will happen later, I can probably run the harder efforts but do not know what impact it will have. This issue may be down to the fact that the last week was my second highest mileage week since Jan this year!

The contingency plan may be scrap off this cycle. Give this leg a few days rest. Get in some base mile over the festive period and start a new cycle in the new year.
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